Why Blue Ridge Parkway is The Ultimate Sightseeing Getaway?

Seasons pass and each comes with some unique features you would like to enjoy. Across many parts of the world, you will find some unique features that define the life and beauty of the places. One of the destinations you might want to visit is Blue Ridge Parkway for its beauty and wide variety of things to do. Something about this place that will fascinate you is the fact that despite changes in seasons, its beauty still abounds.

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Craggy Gardens
One of the most popular stopping spots you might want to consider while visiting Blue Ridge Parkway is the Craggy Gardens. It features scenic views, a visiting center, hiking trains, and interesting mountain picnic spots. The best time to visit Craggy Gardens is between mid and late June, when the floral display of purple and pink flowers crowns the area.

There are many things to do including visiting a visitor center that has a book shop with an array of items that are suited for outdoor recreation and the study of nature. The shop also offers exhibits that highlight the history of the Gardens region. You can enjoy your picnics here and it is a perfect spot for couples.

Parkway waterfalls
The first thing we think you will love while In Blue Ridge Parkway is its beautiful waterfalls, which remain lively regardless of the season. There are many of them, and this is also the reason the County neighboring the southern part of Parkway is referred to as The Land of Waterfallsbecause there are more than 500 of them. A few of the waterfalls you will find along the Parkway include the Looking Glass Falls, Linville Falls, Soco Falls, Second Falls, and Crabtree Falls.

Blue Ridge Music Center
If you love music, you have an opportunity to enjoy some time at the Blue Ridge Music Center, which comprises an outdoor amphitheater. The amphitheater is open every day between May and October, so while visiting during those times you could catch up with some amazing performances that will light up your trip.

Chimney Rock State Park
We also recommend you visit the Chimney Rock State Park for some taste of Hollywood. This is one of the locations preferred for filming and a couple of popular movies were shot here including The Last of the Mohicans. While at this point, you can enjoy amazing views of Lake Lure, which is the location where Dirty Dancing was filmed at. Hours are set depending on the season.

The Devil’s Courthouse
The Devil’s Courthouse is a 5720 foot summit that gives you awesome views of Appalachian Mountains. To get to the top you need to hike, which makes for a good fun experience. Some of the things to do while in this spot include taking part in nature trail ascends. You could also do some photography as this place gives you perfect views of Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Anyone who has visited Blue Ridge Parkway can confirm this is one of the most amazing travel destinations you can choose. It gives you amazing places to visit and the sightseeing experience is just breathtaking and unforgettable. There are so many things to see along the way, so if you are planning your next vacation we encourage you to include Blue Ridge Parkway.

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