When Girls Want To Experience Special Treat – Holed1

I love the simplicity of Holed1.com. Not a lot of things to sort through. All you need are the 3 sections: Scenes, Top Rated, Girls. That’s all you need. On many sites it’s like reading a book before you get to what you want. This site is easy and simple.

The three sections at the top are very similar to the first page. This is a good thing because it delivers continuity. That allows the consumer to not have to figure out each page. If you know where a button is on the first page, then you know where it is on all the pages. Takes the guess work out of the equation. The “Scenes” and “Top Rated” sections are pretty straight forward. I love that each video’s information is right on the thumbnail. The section that I really love is the “Girls” section.

I love that you can see all the girls before you even sign up. There are so many sites where you have to just hope that the site is good. This site lets you see the girls. If you click on each girl’s thumbnail you can see them in different poses. The thing that really seals the deal for me is that you can actually chose the format you want to play the video in. It is great that you can play a video in the format that is optimal for your computer.

You can also watch 5 free previews a day. This way, you know what you are getting into before you give them your money. I think this is a great site. The prices aren’t bad either. You can sign up and pay about the same a month as a single meal from a restaurant. Over all I would rate this site as very impressive.

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